Easy Maths calculations for children


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Do you remember all those books full of aggregations, sustractions, multiplications and divisions you used to complete when you were a child? Mathemania is not exactly a book like those ones, but you will be able to complete them digitally as if you had one in your hands.

The number of operations per sheet, columns and files is decided by you so if you want 30 operations, choose 5 rows and 6 columns, that's all.

Personalize the sheets and operations and choose the level, it can be good for your children or maybe for you to remember hose simple and easy operations tht are now difficult due to that automatic calculator you use everyday.

Use the sheet menu to generate a new and random sheet, by choosing the Randomize New Problems option or change the position of the operations with the button named Reshuffle Existing Problems. Finally, if you want to know the results, Show answer key will print out them.
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